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3 & 4 APRIL 2020


Working Mums

The number one job and community site for professional working mothers was founded by senior communications manager Gillian Nissim in 2006 after the birth of her second child. She found herself and many of her friends in a similar position, needing flexible yet challenging work, but not being able to find it. She decided to bridge the gap between those employers who were able to offer flexibility, whether that was full-time work with flexi hours or some homeworking or part-time work or any other form of flexible working, and parents who were seeking flexible positions.

Since then it has grown significantly and now has a database of over 320,000 candidates and works with thousands of employers from large corporates to micro companies. In addition to recruitment opportunities, it offers companies a platform to promote their brand to a range of highly skilled, experienced candidates. has also developed franchise and business sections for those who want to run their own businesses, an expert panel giving advice on everything from employment law to childcare and careers advice and an online magazine with examples of best practice, news and features around diversity and flexible working. Its annual Top Employer Awards promotes best practice in these areas and its Best Practice Report ensures that best practice is widely disseminated. As well as collaborating with a wide cross section of employers, has worked with policymakers and bodies which seek to promote flexible working and women's career progression, including the Women's Business Council.

Dads, carers and other flexible job seekers

While working mums are what we know about best, we hope that dads, carers and other flexible job seekers will also find the jobs and information on our website relevant and useful to them too. welcomes dads, carers and other flexible job seekers.

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